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Con Star

genuine spare parts

Con Star Trading, Import and Export was established in 2005.

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Con Star

Trading, Import and Export

Con Star Company for Trade, Import and Export was established in 2005, the company is pioneer in importing equipment, machinery, accessories and spare parts for ready-mix concrete plants.

Con Star Company products

1-    Ready-mix concrete plant equipment:

Con Star Company for Trade and Import imports and supplies all the requirements of ready-mix concrete plants, such as:
- Rotary drilling machines.
- Rotary drilling rig.
- Auger machines.
- Foundation pile drilling machine
- All pump types with lengths (32 m - 39 m - 42 m - 47 m - 52 m - 56 m - 62 m)
- Ready mix concrete trucks brands (Mercedes - Iveco)

Con Star Company for Trade and Import provides equipment and machinery to contracting companies, ready-mix concrete and excavation works in a good condition whether it is used or new for the largest international companies such as Soilmec, Casagrande and others.

Con Star Company for Trade and Import has implemented many projects for the largest ready-mix concrete plants in Egypt, in addition to a network of dealers and distributors all over the Republic, because the company is an exclusive agent for the largest international brands such as: (Che Feng - Bootsmaster - Seva - Ceram)


2-    Drilling machine spare parts:

Con Star provides all drilling machines spare parts from A to Z, in addition to all Turkish hoses types of all sizes (4 meters - 6 meters - 8 meters - 10 meters), which are manufactured exclusively in the name and trademark of Con Star. 


3-    Ready mix concrete trucks spare parts:

In Con Star there is a department for supplying ready mix concrete tucks spare parts such as mixers, pulleys, drums, filters, Turkish wires of all sizes, in addition to all the necessary accessories.


4-    Pump spare parts:

Con Star Company for Trade and Import works in the trade and distribution of all pump spare parts of ready-mix concrete plants such as:
All kinds of friction kits for all Turkish-made pumps.
All pampes piston rings.
All Turkish rams type.
All types of hydraulic pumps and flip motors
All kinds of clamps, copper bushing and rings
All kinds of rings, gaskets, glasses and mirrors
All gearbox kits and all pump accessories.

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